Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Medicare Web Based Training (WBT) Modules

CMS has re-vamped their World of Medicare training course. Formerly, it was a single 1 hour WBT.  Now it is 4 parts, and is followed by either the Your Office in the World of Medicare or Your Institution in the World of Medicare.  These WBTs provide a great introduction to fee-for-service Medicare.  If you've ever been confused by the many rules of Medicare, you may want to check out these WBTs. 


The World of Medicare targets both physicians and providers as well as administrative staff.  Your Office and Your Institution are aimed at physicians, providers and their staff who are enrolling in the Medicare program, to provide assistance in completing the 855 (enrollment) forms.

These and all of the Medicare WBTs can be accessed at

Monday, January 14, 2013

What's New on HCC University?

We've continued to add a number of documents to HCC University to make your documentation and coding go more smoothly!

We've updated our Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) with Health Risk Assessment (HRA) package to incorporate information on 5Star coding.  Since physicians are already capturing the data, we want to help make it easy to remember to submit it on the Superbill.  You can also review a presentation on completing the AWV with HRA.

We'll be posting more documents on HCC University in the near future.