Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SCAN Hosts Full Encounter Data Webinar for our Provider Partners

Guest Blog Posting By Marc Carren, Encounter Data Manager

As you know,  on Friday, October 29,  2010, CMS held a Medicare Advantage industry-wide national meeting and formally announced their decision to transition from the current Risk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) to a Full Encounter Data Collection model and a new CMS Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS).  This EDPS encounter data will be used to feed into CMS’ existing Risk Adjustment Processing System.  We sent an announcement to all of our provider partners, and asked that the announcement be shared with individuals within their organizations charged with:
¨       Supervision/management of claims and encounter data 
¨       The hands-on tasks of collecting the  encounter data from your service providers or sub-contracted providers ,
¨       The hands-on tasks of upgrading systems, operations, and work flow, and
¨       The responsibility for working with SCAN to ensure your organization can be in compliance with these high-impact CMS requirements by 1/2/2012.

On Wednesday, March 23, from 10a.m. to 11 a.m., SCAN will hold a Kickoff webinar conference to formally announce this initiative, our plan, and discuss any issues you expect with this transition.  If you know of anyone within your organization that needs to be involved in this webinar, and did not receive an invitation, please send an email to coding@scanhealthplan.com, and we'll  have someone contact you with Webinar information.

Following the kickoff webinar, SCAN will begin an assessment and survey effort via conference calls with all our Provider Partners.  The results of this assessment will inform our project plan and alert us to any possible assistance, guidance, or consultation various partners may require.  This initiative will be covered in more detail in the Kickoff webinar.
We thank you in advance for your attention, participation, and effort.
Marc Carren
Encounter Data Manager
SCAN Health Plan

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