Monday, August 22, 2011

Full Encounter Data Update

The rules for Full Encounter Data are ever evolving.  Today, CMS released the new Encounter Data Quarterly Newsletter.  It seems the rules for Full Encounter Data are ever evolving.  Initially, CMS told Health Plans that they would not be submitting Interim hospital bills.  In this newsletter, CMS has indicated that Interim bills will be submitted. 

In the category of good news, CMS has indicated that if Health Plans don't have the full 9 digit ZIP code, they can use 9999 for the last 4 digits.  Medical groups should submit the correct ZIP code whenever possible, but if it's unavailable, 9999 will pass the CMS edits.

Finally, sometime this month, CMS will release the Encounter Data Companion Guides. 

We'll post the newsletter on HCC University on the Full Encounter Data/ICD-10 page in the next few days.

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