Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keeping Up with What's New in Medicare

The Medicare program is massive, and ever changing.  Changes come out several times a year--Part A changes around September, Part B changes in January.  Add that to changes in ICD-9 and CPT, changes in your commercial business--it's all a bit much.

How can you keep up with all these changes? The CMS website is difficult to navigate--and finding things is complicated. 

But, one great place to bookmark and visit frequently is the Medlearn Matters webpage.  This page has educational materials about new Medicare programs and coverage. It's a great way to keep up with what's new in Medicare.  https://www.cms.gov/MLNProducts/

In addition, there's a Medlearns Product Catalog, that allows you to order certain printed matter.  You can view the catalog at https://www.cms.gov/MLNProducts/downloads/MLNCatalog.pdf

You can learn about EHR incentives, the annual wellness exam, and even take online training courses, some of which have CEUs for coders.

Although you won't find everything there--you will find a lot of information about new and changed programs on the Medlearn Home page.

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