Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ICD-10 Webcast for Internal Medicine and Family Practice Posted

This morning, CMS posted a new webcast, aimed at primary care physicians on their website:  

An AHIMA-certified coder presents training focused on unique ICD-10 clinical documentation needs and hot topics for each medical specialty. The five webinars will follow the same outline and objectives catering to each medical specialty with specific examples.
  • Physician Perspective/clinical impact of ICD-10
  • Documentation requirements for certain conditions
  • Documentation changes and new concepts
  • Use of “unspecified” in ICD-10

This webcast features Dr. Maggie Gaglione, a board certified internist and bariatrics specialist, a physician in private practice in Virginia.  Per Dr. Gaglione:

“Comprehensive documentation is key to identifying and assigning the best diagnosis code. By doing our part, and focusing on how we document our patients’ condition we put the foundation in place to drive value based quality and improve the health of populations served.”

You can view this webcast here.

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