Monday, August 10, 2015

SCAN Memo On Encounter Data Submission Deadlines

The SCAN Encounter Data Team has published the memo below, and sent it to all Encounter Data contacts.  We're reprinting the content here, to enable you to better support your Encounter Data staff in timely submissions.  As noted below, if you have questions regarding this memo, please email them to with the subject line ‘SCAN Dates for Submission of Risk Adjustment Data to CMS’.


To: All SCAN Provider Partners, including Groups, Hospitals and Ancillary Providers
CC: SCAN Encounter Data Team
From: SCAN Health Plan
Date: 7/2/2015
Re: *IMPORTANT* -- SCAN Dates for Submission of Risk Adjustment Data to CMS
Below are SCAN dates for the next five CMS Sweeps for risk adjustment data. Please note, in addition to the CMS deadline for Health Plans, SCAN has created two key submission dates for our Provider Partners: 1) SCAN Target Date and 2) SCAN Deadline.
SCAN Target Date
The “SCAN Target Date” (yellow in the below matrix) is the date after which any new data received is subjected to increased scrutiny and is at some risk of not being processed with CMS for that sweep. This date is approximately 4 weeks prior to each of the CMS deadlines, and has been set to ensure that SCAN has adequate time to complete processing prior to the cut-off by CMS. Again, any data received after this date will be subject to additional scrutiny which may include (but is not limited to) successfully passing a random chart validation. After the additional scrutiny is concluded, the data will be submitted to CMS but SCAN cannot guarantee that this will occur prior to the CMS deadline for Health Plans.
Note: If your organization uses a clearinghouse, all encounter data should be received by the clearinghouse well before the SCAN Target Date to ensure CMS processing. Any files that are submitted directly to SCAN (i.e. ICE files), must also be received by the SCAN Target Date.
SCAN Deadline
The “SCAN Deadline” (red in the below matrix) is the date after which any data received will NOT be processed for that sweep. This is an important change that SCAN is making for each CMS sweep period. This will be the final date SCAN will receive any data that may be sent to CMS prior to the Sweep Deadline for Health Plans.
Note: While the SCAN Deadline is the critical date for each sweep, it is especially so for the final CMS sweeps (highlighted in blue in the below matrix) for any given calendar year. Please mark your calendars now for 1/22/2016, the next SCAN Deadline prior to a final sweep!

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