Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Content on HCCUniversity.com

There’s been a lot of activity on HCC University!  Since my last email, we’ve posted several new things:

First, an updated Pocket Documentation Tip Sheet, which includes instructions for ICD-10 guidelines.  This tip sheet can be printed and folded to fit in a lab coat pocket, and will help clinicians meet some of the documentation challenges they face on a daily basis.

Next, we’ve updated the Primary Care Superbill.  As before, it includes CPT  II codes that help you meet both 5 Star AND Fee-for-service PQRS requirements!  Now, it’s been updated to include ICD-10 codes for many common illnesses seen in a Primary Care practice.

Finally, we’ve posted a new presentation on ICD-10 Guidelines.  This brief, physician oriented presentation will help providers understand the rules of ICD-10, where to find them, and why they must be followed.  It shouldn’t take any more than 20 minutes to go through, but provides a wealth of information to help you choose the correct ICD-10 code. 

For all of you who have asked---yes, the Risk Score Calculator will be updated for 2016 payment year.  We’re in the midst of doing that now, and hope to have it available right after the first of the year.  

As always, if you have suggestions for tools for HCC University, please let me know. 

If you have coding questions, please contact us at Coding@scanhealthplan.com.

Happy Holidays all!  And a wonderful 2016!



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